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Keith Explores Brand Name Apparel Now In Stores

Feb 7 | By KeithIsHere
Keith Explores brand name stock is now available from our very own store. With a new brand added every three month, you will never have a shortage of nice clothes in your wardrobe again. While purchasing from our store, you will be automatically donating to depression awareness groups in Ireland. So, 50% of your money will be used to help those in need of support funding in charitable organization, from a variety of depression awareness groups. Keith Explores will receive the other 40%, and 10% is kicked back to our printing provider. 

The 40% Keith receives from items bought on the Keith Explores Store will help Keith to fund his project, and upgrade his camera equipment, and it will also fund the cost of his travel expenses, so Keith can bring you even more epic videos from his journey across the world. Every six months, Keith Explores will publish how much money we have raised for depression awareness groups on our website; and on our social media accounts. To see a list of Items now available, check out our store! We currently have two new brands; the SPLAT brand, and VidMe-Alpha apparel, and we will be adding a new brand every 3 months. Happy Shopping!

If you are new here, be sure to sign-up, and interact on our website. You can use our live chat, and talk to Keith in real-time. Keith also set-up a Discord server, and you are encouraged and welcomed to join and use it any time. Finally, a big thank you to all of our subscribers, from all platforms of social media. And a huge thank you to the VidMe team, for supporting us with the creation of our new unofficial VidMe apparel and allowing us to use their logo in support of our charitable methodology. 


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