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Jan 10 | By KeithIsHere

Urban exploration can mean different things to different people. And that's fine. But since our exposure to the Internet, exploring has become a popular past time with all kinds of different theories about what it is ... I think we can all agree on one thing though, that explorers go places most reasonable adults won't. I'd like to share a few Do's and Dont's about urban exploration.

These rules were taken from WorldOfUrbex.Com where I administrate a new urbex community for like minded individuals. You're welcome to come over and join the community of urban explorers. Now the rules...


Our Urban Exploration RULES: 


1) Explorers have a natural curiosity. Exploring started when I was a child. I bet for many of you the same applies. I get real excited before I explore. However, as an adult it's often illegal in certain situations. Do No. 1: Know your rights, and legalities. You never break into any place. There are no forced entries allowed in urban exploration. If you do not find a way in without forcing yourself in, then you are not urban exploring, you are breaking and entering. Also, breaking into places can cause safety hazards and cause places to become more run down.


2) Explorers scout their location, online and off. Before the Internet, explorers scouted locations, so the Internet does not make scouting easier, and actually could lead to mistakes. Research is a part of scouting as well as visiting the physical location. Do No. 2: Do your research and try to avoid foolishness. Thou shall not steal. Do not steal from the sites that you are exploring. It is unethical to steal when you are not exploring, so do not steal when you are.


Foolishness tends to land explorers in jail, or with a hefty fine, or possibly getting shot with a rifle for invading someone's home unwittingly .... It's likely best not to bring along those ' break-in gadgets ', because this leads us to one of the main 'Do Not' Tips (Do Not break and enter).


3) Do be respectful of others, artefacts, and yourself. Other dangers associated with exploring can include loss of limbs, or even death, from falling through a floor or staircase. It has happened, so 'do' be careful. Never vandalize a place that you explore even if there are already signs of vandalism. Respect the building/location you are exploring and keep it as in tact as possible. We try to keep these buildings in tact and if people are stealing, it may give guards an excuse to patrol more often or block it off; thus leading to ruining expeditions for other explorers. 


4) Have fun. Exploration is not an elitist past time, but open to anyone who has a sense of adventure and curiosity. Likewise, those who think the idea of fun is vandalizing, looting and stealing are not urban explorers. They give urban exploration a bad name. Do not get caught. Urban exploration can be illegal (depending on the location visited), so if you get caught on private land, you may get charged with trespassing, which in some cases is a criminal offence. 


5) Do attend locations which have tours, or open houses or are willing to give you a private tour. Urban exploration is not all about infiltration, no matter what others say. Never give away the name of a place of exploration to another explorer (unless they are with you or your group) or unless in a trade of sites that both parties know each other to follow these principles outlined on our website.... Urban exploration is secretive for a reason. Keep site names to yourself, call them by nicknames to make people work to find them.


Our "Not allowed to-Do Tips" Are: 


1) Do Not steal anything. Taking is stealing. The golden rule: Take only photos, leave only footprints. 


2) Do Not force entry. That's called break and enter you know. Most explorers, when practising infiltration, seek out existing openings. Unless all is boarded up, if in doubt, assume someone is occupying the location before wielding that crow bar!  Try knocking on the door, and be sociable, if at all possible ...  


3) Do Not make assumptions based off of the Internet data because sometimes locations are occupied, or are revitalized, and no one has gotten around to updating this yet. Tread softly. 


4) Above all else, Do Not become a self-righteous urbexer. We all did this when we were kids - it's fun. As adults though, explorers share slices of history that are actually interesting and enrich our art and culture. Focusing on how exploring benefits the community at large keeps the elitist ego trip in balance ... Keep your ego in check. 


When these are in balance, urban explorers gain our respect for venturing into spaces where no one else has dared to go before. 


Some basic information:


Typically if you go at night, you will want to take a flashlight. This is common sense because it is night and the buildings will have no lights, so even during dusk it may be hard to see certain things. It is always good to carry a flashlight while exploring. 


A first aid kit is also a good addition to any urban explorer's inventory. You never know what may happen in the field and it is always good to be prepared. 


Hats are a must if you are going through woods so that you can protect your hair from ticks. 


Water or something to drink to keep you hydrated is a must, especially if you are going to be exploring for a long time on a hot day.




Do not enter a building without a protective mask to cover your mouth, this is imperative as some locations may have a lot of harmful substances lingering in the air, as-such asbestos which if breath-in, can cause lung cancer.


If you locate fungus or black mold, do not touch it, even with gloves on, and for this reason, gloves are a must when exploring such locations knowing to possibly have any such fungal molds. 


Always test your step before committing to taking one if unsure of the ground you are walking on, following this step may actually save your life someday! If travelling in groups, do not all walk on the same floor at the same time, spread out, and never walk stairs all together. These should be tested by the heaviest person in the group first. If the flooring can hold his/her weight, it should be safe if taken one at a time. 


And always remember to bring water and be safe. 


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