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Cliffs Of Moher
Dalkey Island
Crantock Newquay Cornwall
New Grange
Huntington Castle
Ring Of Kerry
Rathlin Beach
Hellfire Club
Mournes Mountains
Skellig Michael
Glendalough - Wicklow Way
Malin Head Point
Ducketts Grove
Loftus Hall
Villa Hill
Ross Castle
Rock Of Cashel
Abandoned Water Park
Dalkey Island
Woodlawn House
Carrick On Shannon
Abandoned Railway
Killiney Recreational Area
Killiney Recreational Area
Wicklow Mountains
Summit Howth
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ABOUT THE ROUTE On the 15th of July, I set-off on a hiking trip with the intentions of making my way to the Spinks viewing-point in the glorious Glendalough Valley near Laragh. The Spinks is on the... more
KeithIsHere Team
So It was reported to be the hottest day of summer, and so; I decided to take off hiking for the day. I set my sights on the Sugarloaf Mountain, and began my day by travelling southbound by the Dart (... more
KeithIsHere Team
This massive house sitting on 460 acres of land was built by the Morris family in the middle of the nineteenth century. On the grounds there is also a stable, two coach houses, a harness room, a cow h... more
KeithIsHere Team
Howth Head, is a peninsula approx 15km northeast of Dublin City, has been immortalised in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Howth is a bustling village that offers visitors a myriad of attractions – ... more
KeithIsHere Team
Starting the climb I began my climb in front of the Bray Head Inn slope, just before the crossover railway bridge, and proceeded up the stair-path towards the trekking trail. About a quarter o... more
KeithIsHere Team
Killiney Hill is a popular destination for walkers and hikers availing of the spectacular views, over the surrounding areas: Dublin to the north-west, the Irish Sea and the mountains of Wales (on ... more
KeithIsHere Team
This is me, standing on top of one of many mountain-top peaks already checked off my bucket list. People Who Will Try Talk You Out Of Your Dreams - U nfortunately, just before you tak... more
KeithIsHere Team
Some of you may not know how I make money from and for travelling by various nixers I do. But, I am about to let you in on a little secret. I am a software programmer and I work from rest-stops, hotel... more
KeithIsHere Team
A few months ago, I visited this strange secluded area which now resides derelict and faces further decay as the site is also unable to be sold because of the deteriorating construction of the sit... more
KeithIsHere Dec 28 '16
KeithIsHere Team
A urbex trip I had planned for a few weeks, by gathering intel on the site and the terrain I needed to cross to enter one of Ireland's biggest abandoned complexes, with a heavy flow of security pa... more
KeithIsHere Dec 24 '16

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Climbing Kilimanjaro - September 18th 2018 RSVP
This is probably one trip which I will need a guide for, so I am looking at using Ian Taylor who has...
KeithIsHere Sep 18 '18

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I started my YouTube channel back in 2008. After hours of watching YouTube video's about travelling and vlogging your experience while in the travelling process. I felt like I was ready to do the same myself, and I set forward a plan to upload whenever I went away on a trip. I didn't think much about making money from the videos I was creating. Nor did I think much about how big I would grow on social media, and I never... more
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The G7 costs a lump sum of £630, making it one of the most affordable interchangeable lens cameras around capable of recording video at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Although it’ll still hit your savings for six, this snapper seems like a pretty cheap way of getting into 4K filmmaking - particularly when other 4K capable lens-swappers are so expensiv e. Panasonic’s own Lumix GX8 and GH4 start at £1,000, the Samsung NX1 is £1,250, while Sony’s... more
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Not everybody is fortunate enough to travel the world and experience new places like Keith does. So, Keith Explores is giving one of our lucky subscribers a free ticket to join the 'On Location Tour' crew on one of their city tours in the USA. You will travel on a luxury coach to some of the most iconic sites seen and featured on TV shows like Friends, Sex and the city, Seinfeld and many others. Check out their promotional video below... more
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Keith Explores brand name stock is now available from our very own store. With a new brand added every three month, you will never have a shortage of nice clothes in your wardrobe again. While purchasing from our store, you will be automatically donating to depression awareness groups in Ireland. So, 50% of your money will be used to help those in need of support funding in charitable organization, from a variety of depression awareness... more
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Urban exploration can mean different things to different people. And that's fine. But since our exposure to the Internet, exploring has become a popular past time with all kinds of different theories about what it is ... I think we can all agree on one thing though, that explorers go places most reasonable adults won't. I'd like to share a few Do's and Dont's about urban explorat ion. These rules were taken from WorldOfUrbex.Com where I... more